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The practice guide for the security of personal data

2024 Edition

March 26, 2024

Current EU Guidelines for Transversal Education

towards Interdisciplinarity in

AI Ethics and Research on Human-Centred

AI for Technological Innovation

January, 2024

Summary of International Contributions

October, 2023

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Trustworthy AI Lab at PFIA’2023

July 6, 2023 14h40-18h00

Collaboration internationale vers une intelligence artificielle consciente, holistique et inclusive

Birgitta Dresp-Langley, Roberto V. Zicari, Giovanni Sartor, Paola Aurucci, Geneviève Fieux-Castagnet, Gérald Santucci, Damien Wagner, Elena-Laura Lemaitre

Trustworthy AI

an international initiative

towards mindful, holistic, and inclusive validation

of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

First World Z-Inspection® Conference

Ateneo Veneto, Venice, Italy

March 10-11, 2023

Z-Inspection® is listed in the new OECD Catalogue of AI Tools & Metrics

February 13, 2023

How to Assess Trustworthy AI in Practice

with Dr. Roberto V. Zicari




December 6, 2022

The Council of the EU adopted its common position on the AI Act


Artificial Intelligence poses opportunities and threats to society. The mission of the Trustworthy AI Lab is to advance AI research, education, policy and offer best practices to support ethical, responsible, mindful, sustainable, trustworthy AI and AI-based-applications.

The laboratory is interdisciplinary, involving multiple international researchers from various disciplines, and provides a peer forum for academic and industrial research and applications.

In addition, the Lab offers workshops and continuous learning possibilities for citizens, local and regional private entities, healthcare professionals, engineers and developers, students who want to learn more concerning the ethical and trustworthy use of AI.

The Lab is part of the international Z-Inspection® initiative.

Z-Inspection® is a validated assessment method that helps organizations to deliver ethically sustainable, evidence-based, trustworthy and user-friendly AI-driven solutions.

The method is published in IEEE Transactions on Technology and Society.

Z-Inspection®  is distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA) licence.

Laboratory structure


CNRS, Research Director Tenured

Research Engineer in Computer Science and Robotics for Surgery

Principal Advisor

Professor, Z-Inspection® Initiative Lead

Legal Advisor

Avocat, CDW avocats, areas of legal expertise : technology, data privacy, member of the ACE National Steering Commitee


Deontologist within the Ethics Department of the SNCF Group, delegate for Ethics applied to AI, lecturer in ethics and compliance at CY Université Paris Cergy, member of the Global forum, founder of PromEthosIA, a group of reflection on ethical analysis applied to AI. Previously Geneviève was territorial legal delegate for the Normandy Grand Bassin Parisien within SNCF, responsible for competition law within the legal department of SNCF and lawyer.

Member of the Global Forum Association and of the Z-inspection advisory committee. He is also the international ambassador of the European Virtual Laboratory I-VLab and the secretary of the AMALYSTE association against Lyell and Stevens-Johnson. Previously, from 1986 to 2017, he worked in the field of digital technologies at the European Commission's DG CNECT where he held several positions of responsibility, in particular as head of the "Internet of Things" unit (2004-2012), head of the "Knowledge Sharing" unit (2012-2016) then as adviser on the cross-cutting issues of research and related policies (2016-2017).

Associate Researchers

Professor in Computer Science at NORDAKADEMIE

Surgeon scientist, Associate Professor at University of Strasbourg, Senior Researcher at IHU Strasbourg and ICube Laboratory, Associate specialist surgeon at University Hospitals of Strasbourg

Data Scientist, Post-Doctorate

Doctoral Researchers

  • Yuheng Li

Master of Computer Science, ICube Laboratory, University of Strasbourg

International Collaborators

Assistant Professor in Computer Science, Concordia University, Canada

Lecturer in Computer Science, DEKUT, Nairobi, Kenya

Associate Professor on Law, Robots and AI at eLaw Center for Law and Digital Technologies – Leiden University, Netherlands

Partners in Industry

Thales Digital Factory


Navigating the EU AI Act

How to Assess Trustworthy AI in Practice, arXiv:2206.09887 

A Process to Assess Trustworthy AI, IEEE Transactions on Technology and Society, 2021

Z-Inspection® case studies :